Interviewing Average Candidates? A Plea to Ditch Traditional Hiring in EdTech, with Deeps Ramanathan of Degreed

If you feel like your interviews are ‘blah’ and the candidates that walk through the door are average at best, it may be time to reassess your hiring process. Because the truth is, when you focus solely on hiring efficiency, finding those exceptional candidates becomes a real challenge.

Make sure to tune in to this week’s episode of the On Work and Revolution podcast, where host Debbie Goodman sits down with Deeps Ramanathan, the CMO of Degreed. Deeps is a global marketing executive, EdTech founder, board member, and startup advisor. In this conversation, Debbie and Deeps delve into the limitations of the traditional resume-based approach to hiring and the need to shift towards skills-based hiring.

With technological advancements and AI integration shaping the future, it’s time to reevaluate our approach and embrace a more innovative way of finding top talent like Chief Revenue Officers who aren’t afraid to throw the “playbooks” out the window. Discover how you can shake up your hiring process and attract unicorn talent in the EdTech space.


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