Rita Ferrandino’s Founder-Centric Strategies and Wisdom for EdTech Companies

Today’s investors are looking for companies to quickly move to profitability, seeking self-sustainability.

– Rita Ferrandino

Cracking through in the EdTech industry these days requires founders to not only embrace sales but also be the face of their company. In the latest edition of the On Work and Revolution podcast, host Debbie Goodman engages in a compelling conversation with Rita Ferrandino, an esteemed figure in education entrepreneurship. Rita, the founding partner at Arc Capital Development and an Innovation Consultant at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, also contributes her expertise to the White House Task Force for Florida.

Debbie and Rita dive into the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship and investment, Rita reveals what investors are looking for from young founders and entrepreneurs. In this episode, she shares sage advice tailored for early-stage companies, shedding light on the crucial connection between hands-on selling and sustained business growth in the EdTech realm.


Rita Ferrandino has built an international reputation as one of the most effective strategists and coalition-builders in the education entrepreneurship community.  She is a recognized STEM education expert, an authority on US education policy and politics, and a leader in Future of Work strategies.  She currently serves on the White House Task Force for Florida. 

Rita is the founding partner at Arc Capital Development, a global private investment and advisory firm.  Arc invests in, operates and advises companies in the education and corporate training markets and has served over 150 clients in the US, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Ireland, Turkey, Israel & India.  Arc clients and portfolio companies provide products generating over a billion dollars a year worldwide. www.arccd.com  

Rita currently is the Innovation Consultant at the Catalyst@PennGSE Innovation Center at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education.  She was the lead Capstone instructor at the Education Entrepreneurship Graduate Program for four years.  For three years, she was President of the Education Design Studio Inc Incubator funded in collaboration with the Milken Foundation & University of Pennsylvania.


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