Creating a Successful Career Path: Helen Nicholson on Building Meaningful Networks

Networking, when it really works, is about authentic, meaningful connections.

– Helen Nicholson

Have you been neglecting your network lately? Harvard Business Review shared that people’s professional and personal networks have shrunk by close to 16% — or by more than 200 people — during the pandemic with no improvement. You might be surprised to find out that network dehydration has serious side effects. So this week, on the On Work and Revolution podcast, host Debbie Goodman interviews Helen Nicholson, CEO and Founder of The Networking Company.

Helen shares valuable insights, highlighting the importance of authentic connections and the shift from traditional networking to more intentional and meaningful interactions. The discussion also addresses the power of weak ties and provides practical strategies for individuals looking to leverage their networks, especially through digital platforms like LinkedIn. Helen emphasizes the role of personal branding and self-discovery in networking success, urging individuals to identify their career sweet spots and operate with an open palm, focusing on giving rather than receiving.

About our guest, Helen Nicholson:

Helen Nicholson has been called the “Networking queen” by many of her clients. She began her career as an accountant and has evolved into the Chief Excitement Officer and founder of The Networking Company, where they help people reach their full potential through leadership training programmes, Immersions and gamification.

Helen has published three best-selling books and has spoken in 43 countries around the world. She is a board member for the global Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Helen has international corporate experience and lived in the Middle East for 5 years where she developed and sold her own successful business in Dubai. On her return to South Africa she became involved in leadership development work through Wits Business School, and was interviewed by GIBS Business School as one of South Africa’s leading female entrepreneurs.

Helen ran the New York marathon in 2011 and raised identical twin daughters who are now 26, as a single mom. She is a passionate connector and walks her networking talk.


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