EdTech Acceleration and Funding Strategies with Ash Kaluarachchi, CEO Started

In the EdTech entrepreneurial world, success, by definition, is the exception

– Ash Kaluarachchi

This week on the On Work and Revolution podcast, Debbie Goodman sits down with Ash Kualarachchi, a seasoned expert in EdTech entrepreneurship and acceleration. As the CEO of StartEd and a prominent figure in the industry, Ash brings a wealth of experience in advising and launching numerous EdTech ventures that we all have come to know and respect. With many road-less-traveled insights and anecdotes, this episode provides valuable guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs navigating the dynamic world of EdTech.

The 3 main themes that emerged in this conversation explore:

  • EdTech Acceleration and Entrepreneurship: They discuss the landscape of EdTech acceleration, including the role of accelerators, incubators, and mentorship programs in supporting founders. Ash shares insights from his experience advising and launching EdTech ventures, highlighting the importance of personalized approaches and problem-solving for founders at every stage of their journey.
  • Funding Strategies and Options: Ash elaborates on various funding strategies available to EdTech founders beyond traditional venture capital. He explores non-dilutive funding options such as government grants, revenue-based financing, and crowdfunding, empowering founders to navigate the funding landscape and make informed decisions for their startups.
  • Sales Skills and Business Development: The conversation touches on the significance of sales skills for founders, emphasizing the learnability of sales and the need for founders to understand different sales methodologies. They discuss the consultative approach to sales and the importance of empathizing with customers’ problems to drive sales success.

Give this conversation a listen, and don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions, comments, or feedback. 

About our guest, Ash Kaluarachchi

Ash Kaluarachchi has advised, launched, and operated multiple EdTech accelerators, including the most financially successful EdTech accelerator in history. To date, these accelerators have enabled more than 2,000+ education companies, including 10% of global EdTech unicorns, in partnership with organizations such as Techstars, Google, Amazon, Kaplan, Intel, NYU, USC, and the University of Pennsylvania.  As CEO at StartEd and Producer of EDTECH WEEK, he continues to support founders and a network of senior executives who grow, invest in, and acquire companies solving problems in Pre-K12, HigherEd, Workforce and Adult Learning, researchers, policymakers, and educators. Ash has an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and economics from Grinnell College.


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