About us

Fractional & Full-Time leadership roles for Edtech and Workplace Development

For more than two decades, Jack Hammer has been helping Edtech and Workplace Development companies to find  leaders who are innovators, builders, and champions of change. Leaders who create great workplaces where people and ideas flourish.  

Our clients want to hire remarkable people. Leaders who are excellent at what they do, and who are a great fit. Because when people fit, they reveal their greatness, and then everyone THRIVES. 

This applies to both fractional and permanent appointments!

“Jack Hammer is the most courageous executive search firm I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. They represent the top 5% of leaders and conduct the search with pinpoint accuracy.”

Our approach is both science and art. It’s a process that takes meticulous precision, utilizing data and creativity, rigor and empathy, and an unwavering willingness to do the right thing, with no shortcuts. 

We look beyond the obvious, keeping it real, helping our clients and candidates to make great hiring and career decisions. Digging deep, and hammering away, until we’ve found the right ones. 

That’s why we’re called Jack Hammer.

Our team

Our clients rely on our insights and expertise gained through years of building high-growth leadership teams in Edtech and Workplace Development; partnering with early-stage start-ups as well as established companies.

Our team of Edtech recruiters are deep experts with networks of vetted leaders in the sector. We source candidates at Board, C-Suite, Executive and senior management levels (SVP and VP), across 3 main verticals: Higher Ed, Enterprise (Corporate) and pre- K-12.

In early-stage companies, our leaders frequently take on individual contributor roles, helping to establish the function, find new customers, or hire a team.

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