Remote Leadership Mastery with Julie Huston: CRO Strategies for High-Performance Sales in Turbulent Times

For sales teams, accountability is paramount. Clear goal-setting and simplifying job responsibilities are key to ensuring everyone is aligned and focused on driving success.
– Julie Huston
On this episode of the On Work and Revolution podcast, host Debbie Goodman opens a dialog with Julie Huston, Chief Revenue Officer at Great Minds. Julie shares her experiences guiding Great Minds’ transformation from a nonprofit to a public benefit corporation, underscoring the imperative for leaders to play an active role in driving performance management and fostering a robust workplace culture in remote settings. Julie imparts valuable insights into accountability measures for high-performance sales teams, emphasizing the significance of establishing clear goals and simplifying job responsibilities. 

Debbie and Julie explore the following topics that EdTech CROs, Chief Growth Officers, and Sales and Revenue team managers should tune into:

  • The importance of purpose-driven leadership for both personal and professional fulfillment.
  • The challenges of remote work, highlighting the need for clear communication and mentorship.
  • Significance of a collaborative team culture and the role of mentorship in fostering growth.
  • The evolving landscape of sales and the dynamic nature of customer relationships.
  • Julie’s perspective on maintaining a balance between profit and purpose in business.
  • The value of adaptability and resilience in the face of changing business environments.

About our guest, Julie Huston:

Julie Huston is the Chief Revenue Officer at Great Minds PBC. In her role leading sales and marketing, Julie has steered the curriculum developer from a nonprofit to a public benefit corporation, growing revenue from under $50 million annually to more than $300 million in six years. Eighty-five percent of Great Minds staff work remotely, while 15 percent work in hybrid roles. The company has a strong workplace culture, recently earning a Great Place to Work Certification.

Julie previously worked with multiple private-equity-funded edtech startups and early-stage companies to establish sales and marketing systems, including eSpark Learning, Motion Math, and Three Ring. She spent a decade developing the sales team at one of the first SAAS K-12 edtech products, Study Island—from its earliest stage to its IPO as Archipelago Learning (now Edmentum). Earlier in her career, Julie was founder and president of a company that offered computer skills training and certificates for professionals and career and technical training programs for non-high school graduates.

Julie and her husband are parents to four grown children. When she’s not working, she loves boating on the Great Lakes and reading. She is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan.


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