Board Advisors

Boards are recognising the importance (and opportunity) of having a diverse board of non-executive directors. They are looking for individuals who do not just ‘sit’ on boards, but actively contribute to, challenge and enhance the governance, sustainability and strategy of the organisation and executive team.

In the past, a flip through the Rolodex and a call to one’s friends might have been sufficient to source non-exec board members. But, in this era of scrutiny, shareholder expectations, and the recognition that diverse boards can substantially enhance outcomes, different recruitment strategies are required.

Jack Hammer offers a blend of executive search and networking, providing a vettedlonglist of potential candidates for review by the nomination committee. From ‘high flyers’ who are ready for their first non-executive or chair appointment to seasoned individuals, the Jack Hammer executive recruitment team assesses capability, capacity and conflicts of interest.

The ultimate goal is to identify and appoint non-executive leaders with the ability to enrich strategy, support and challenge the executive leadership team, leverage their networks and act as ambassadors for the organisation.

To discuss our non-executive director headhunting approach and track record, contact us.

“Debbie has changed the game for us in terms of a recruiting partner.  I haven't really seen anything close to Jack Hammer’s ability to dial-in actual business needs and deliver talent.  More importantly, Debbie is an awesome person/founder/leader whose trust and advice is in rare company.”
- Michael Hemlepp, CEO: Honorlock (USA)

“I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie Goodman from Jack Hammer and found her knowledge of the EdTech space - and the leaders in it - incredible”.
- Brad Adams, Chief University Operations Manager: 2U

“Rebel Girls owes much of its success to Debbie - She is an incredible asset for me and for the company, and I can’t imagine functioning without her. She is very smart, very strategic, and very experienced with execs and startups.”
- Jes Wolfe, CEO: Rebel Girls

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