Unveiling EdTech’s Future: Owl Ventures MD Amit Patel on Growth, Funding, and Digital Education Trends

There’s a billion more students that are going to need to be educated, and education technology is going to play a very significant role, and how that is possible.
– Amit Patel

Get ready for an inside look at the ever-changing EdTech landscape! It’s hard to ignore that 2023 has been dubbed the ‘Funding Gap Year,’ yet what our podcast guest, Amit Patel, Managing Director at Owl Ventures, shares will have you reconsider. Owl Ventures, a major EdTech venture fund with over $2 billion in global investments, has been a key player in the EdTech world. 

In this episode of the On Work and Revolution podcast, Amit shares his perspective on the sector’s bright future, touching on everything from government support to rising demand for digital education solutions. It’s a deep dive into the exciting growth potential even in today’s challenging times!


Amit has been deeply involved with a variety of firm-building and investing activities across Owl Ventures since the firm was founded. He has served on the board of directors and led investments in many of the world’s leading education technology companies, including Codecademy (acquired by Skillsoft), RaiseMe (acquired by CampusLogic), Securly (acquired by Golden Gate Capital), Thinkful (acquired by Chegg), and Whitehat Jr (acquired by BYJU’S). He works closely with Amira Learning, Apna, Authoritive, BYJU’S, Fiveable, Genially, Honorlock, Kuali, Leap, Mighty Networks, Panorama Education, Splashlearn, SV Academy, Swing Education, and Tinkergarten, including being a board member for some of the companies. Amit has experience scaling several education companies and is actively involved in helping Owl’s portfolio companies reach a global audience, create high-quality solutions, and become world-transforming. He takes a hands-on approach in helping companies across numerous functions, including distribution, strategic partnerships, talent, fundraising, M&A, exit planning, and outcomes measurement.


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