What’s Shaking up in the EdTech Talent Market? Navigating Quiet Hiring, Internal Mobility, and Gen Z Adaptability with Allison Nugent, CPO at Noodle

As the chief people officer, my focus is getting first-line leaders the tools they need to develop their team and anticipate what comes next.
– Allison Nugent

Amidst the aftermath of the Great Resignation and market shifts, companies are turning inward for talent solutions. On this episode of the On Work and Revolution podcast, host Debbie Goodman speaks with Allison Nugent, Chief People Officer at Noodle, shedding light on the nuances of quiet hiring, internal mobility, and the adaptability of Gen Z employees.

Debbie and Allison delve into key aspects:

  • Unveiling the significance of internal talent mobility and strategies for developing and promoting employees through stretch opportunities and advancement programs.
  • Exploring the profound impact of managers on team engagement and strategies for developing middle managers to lead effectively in hybrid or remote work settings.
  • Understanding the unique experiences of Gen Z in the workplace, particularly those who initiated their careers during the pandemic.

Tune in for a comprehensive exploration of these crucial topics shaping the current EdTech talent landscape.


Allison Nugent leads Noodle’s People team as Chief People Officer; she is responsible for developing and executing human resources strategies supporting Noodle’s overall business plan and strategic direction. These strategies include compensation philosophy, succession planning, talent management, change & organizational and performance management, and forward years workforce planning.

Before joining Noodle, Allison spent several years as the Corporate Human Resources Principal of Relationship and Programs Operations for an Aeronautic-Defense organization. She conceptualized and delivered high-impact human capital initiatives in this role, harmonizing strategies with business needs, operations, and people strategies.


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