Revolutionizing Learning Communities with Candice Faktor, Co-Founder of Disco

“The best way to change your circumstance is through learning.”

– Candice Faktor

On this episode of the On Work and Revolution podcast, host Debbie Goodman sits down with Candice Faktor, co-founder and co-CEO of, a trailblazing learning community platform reshaping the world of online education. 

Join the conversation as Debbie and Candice dig into:

  • The concept and impact of decentralized learning, unraveling its potential to revolutionize the educational landscape.
  • Exploring the vast opportunities at the intersection of purpose and profit.
  • A practical showcase of Margaret Atwood’s learning community pilot, which garnered attention from Tim Ferris, The New York Times, and more.


Candice is the co-founder and co-CEO of, a learning community platform. She believes decentralized learning communities have the power to shape the future of education and are only growing as the world looks to remote work and more sustainable ways to gather. 

Candice helped scale Wattpad, one of the world’s largest storytelling communities, which sold for US$660MM. Candice’s love of learning led her to create live courses years ago and the learning community both of which inspired her to create

Candice is a venture partner for an incredible learning community and venture capital firm.

Candice is from South Africa, lives in Toronto, a yogi at heart, a mom to awesome boys and a recent pup and married to a filmmaker.


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