Donna Steyn

Digital Marketing and Communications Partner
BA (Film and Media Production), Advanced Level 3 Certificate in Wine and Spirits, Google SEM Certification
Donna began her career as a writer and marketer for various online journals. She developed a keen interest in all things digital and, in 2010, she joined an award-winning London start-up that’s widely recognised as one of the world’s most innovative wine companies.

After gaining invaluable online and ecommerce experience (and travelling through European wine regions for four months), she returned to South Africa in 2012 to head the marketing department of a top online wine retailer.

Enticed by exciting opportunities outside the wine industry, she struck out on her own as a marketing consultant, providing marketing and product management services to local and international clients across a range of industries.

Donna’s broad skill set and 10+ years experience in digital give her unique insights and a deep understanding of the incredibly fast-moving and changing world of online marketing.

Fortunately, she is also a classically trained pianist – every so often, a bit of Bach is needed to keep things real!

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