Dominique Tarr aka “Dom”

Marketing & Business Development
BA Graphic Design

With a background in Design and Advertising, combined with many years of client relationship management, Dom is a multi-skilled creative problem solver who has worked in advertising, retail, media, design studios and financial services. She loves nothing more than empowering and supporting others to succeed and is a big advocate for smiling clients and customers.

 With a bias for action, she jumps right in to start making an impact. Dom loves systems and thrives on discovering ways to maximise efficiencies.

 At Jack Hammer, Dom is our support for all things marketing and business development – from website edits, media releases, social media posts to software updates and literally anything else that helps the Jack team do what they do best. She is, in fact, our ‘Jack of all trades’!

In her spare time, Dom loves “throwing kettlebells around for exercise” and going on long hikes with her husband and sons.

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